Art RPG Wiki

Common Mechanics[]

Points Systems[]

The fundamental mechanic of the games that powers everything else. Each game has its own way of counting up how many points a piece of artwork is worth, similar to how experience points rack up in more traditional games. The more effort and complexity a piece has, the more points it is worth.

Usually, points are attributed to an individual creature, not to a player as a whole. It is also typically only the creature who levels up, unlocking achievements and activities for that particular creature, but not all of the player's creatures.


RNG, or random number generators, are perhaps the second most fundamental aspect of many of the games. RNG is the mechanic behind many, many aspects in almost all games. A number is rolled between 0 and some larger number, and the interval the result falls within determines a certain game outcome.

RNG is used for determining item drops from activities and events, determining activity success, providing random events, determining the inheritance of genes and traits, rolling stats, and adding a bit of uncertainty or chance to competition judging.


Imports are your character's representation within the game. Imports provide a visual representation of each creature, usually standardized by each group through the use of premade linearts, which players then color in themselves according to given guidelines. Imports are uploaded by mule accounts, and all information about the creature is put in the import description. Comment LOGs are often put in the import comments as well.

Comment LOG System[]

A way of tracking information that uses comment nesting to sort facts, statuses, and submissions. Comments are posted as the start of a thread, and all further comments relating to that topic must be made in reply to the first comment.

Import comment LOGs may contain information such as items applied to the creature, ownership transfers, level, and awards. Other LOGs include auctions, event submissions, or various requests that the group must handle.

Lineage and Inbreeding[]

Much like in real life breeding projects, lineages are meticulously kept.

Mule Accounts[]

Unlike in many setting where this term has a very negative connotation, mule accounts are essential to the running of most games. Mule accounts are accounts owned by the group, and accessible by a team of admins. Mule accounts are the group's work horses, many game mechanics rely solely on responses from these accounts.