Art RPG Wiki

Here is a list of common abbreviations and shorthands used throughout all games.

  • ARPG - Art Role Playing Game
  • Breeding Slot - A way of keeping track of how many times a specific creature is allowed to be bred. An individual typically has a limited number of slots, and these slots may be traded or sold to other players.
  • Geno/Genotype - the result of a breeding. The given genotype (and often several other pieces of information) represents the offspring of a breeding, and guide how the player will create its corresponding import.
  • Grinding - making as many images as possible in a short amount of time in order to obtain game items or points as quickly as possible, often disregarding one's own wellbeing and artistic goals.
  • Import - See Common ARPG Mechanics
  • Lineage - a creature's parents, grandparents, etc.
  • MYO - Make Your Own.
  • RNG - Random number generator. See Common ARPG Mechanics for more information.
  • Starter - a creature with no/unknown lineage. May be group or user owned.